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Another project from LMKG

Here is a sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts- my current source for projects : ) I made it for my tiny elf after the first sweater I made for her only fit her for a day- I thought I could do a lot more knitting right after she was born- HA! It didn't take long to knit and I only made two little adjustments. I made the body length much longer than the pattern called for. I wanted good coverage and that's what I got. I also made button holes and put buttons on it rather than the beads being pushed through the band.

As an aside, you have to really go by the measurements of the child and not the "sizing" in the book to pick the right size. This was the 2 year old size, and she was closer to one year. I am thrilled with it. The yarn was Debbie Bliss Merino DK. I loved the yarn and the pattern and I will definitely make another one of these- for the elder elf- here she is trying it on for me!

Spring time fun

Happy Spring from Italy! (No one really needs to know that the elves got their Easter baskets a week late : )

These two little guys/gals were knit from a pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts- which is a great book. I used the possum yarn my hubby brought back from New Zealand. It's a bit strange, the yarn. It has a merino feel, but then has real hair that fuzzes like an angora. It works well for a little bunny. Of course, the elves didn't pay much attention to these bunnies and played with their other gifites after devouring the meager chocolates they got- except the tiny elf who just held the M&M's in her hand until they were good and soft. I am pleased with the bunnies and the only change was the faces. Nanny Nonna did a splendid job as my resident bunny face creator. I think the faces look fabulous! Of course, we were up til the wee hours working on these, but that's to be expected!