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One Skein Wonder II

Another One Skein Wonder. Sure, it's the same color as my last one, but that one has been sent over the pond to my MIL. This one is a little bigger- I think the 17 inch across the shoulders size. I love the color. I love the pattern, and I would love one in every color available.

Pattern-One Skein Wonder, Stefanie Japel
Yarn- Cottage Knits Cotton
Gauge- 16 sts/4 inch
Mods- None

I have slowed a bit on the knitting scene- what with summer and all our visitors. I am working on Sizzle and should likely be done by now. I am having gauge problems again. I don't know why I bother making a swatch at all!

Summer knitting.....

I have been knitting, I just haven't been posting. We have had an influx of visitors and it has been great. I have a hard time sneaking away to blog about knitting, when really, two of my three fans are here in town : ) So, I finished the Tiny Elf's blanket and I love it- she does too. It really went fast at the end, which is odd as it is knit from the center out. I think I just can knit faster than I used to. Progress is good. The yarn is warm and fuzzy after a trip through the washer and dryer- I splurged and used the dryer. I think she will like hers as much as elder elf likes her own fuzzy blanket. EE noticed that TE's blanket had pink on it, and yet hers did not. I noticed that her blanket had a hole. EE requested that I fix the hole with pink yarn so hers would have some pink too. Cute and no problem, as I had some pink left over!

Project specs:
Pattern: Vogue Baby Blankets
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted.

I also have been working on Sizzle- due to a gauge issu…