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Holiday Mittens.....

She has been asking for matching mittens for a while- well, at least for a couple of days. Her nagging just makes it seem longer. Are my mittens ready? Are my mittens ready? Will they be done today?

Yes, they are finished. Then, at the park, she asked, "Can you make me a hat just like this one- only with this yarn?" I reminded her that I made her about the elf hat. Well, could I have one just like the one I am wearing, only with holiday yarn? Sure, why not....I probably should have asked her first anyway! Oh well, I guess I HAVE to knit more : )

Yarn: Herrschner's Holiday yarn
Gauge: 20 sts/4"
Needles: size 6
Pattern: The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd (great book!)

I only changed the length of the cuff- I made it about 3 inches long to make sure her wrists stay covered. I forgot about how pointy the thumbs and tops turn out the more decreases made before pulling the string through the stitches. I wouldn't mind re-doing them, but I am go…

Hats off to the holidays!

This year the holday knitting was nothing but fun. I have read in the blog-o-sphere about many bloggers getting overwhelmed trying to make gifites. I have done that before, but not this year! I was so excited about making these for the girls (and nephew), I knit them up super fast.

In my enthusiasm, I bought 10 balls of yarn- a green, red, white and metallic blend- a little tacky, abut a lot festive! Normally, the colors would have conjured up holiday thoughts, but I couldn't stop thinking that the colors were the same for the Italian flag! I also think the Italians would love the flashy metallic bits!
However, after the knitting got under way, it was pretty boring! Worse yet, the girls weren't super-thrilled with their new hats! I think they would have liked the striping called for in the original pattern- oh well, there's always next year. I was able to sweet talk them into donning their elf hats a few times........

Overall, it was a nice holiday project. Next ti…