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Oh my gosh, our little buddy looks so old in this picture! Here he is in his new sweater. Yep, it's buckeye colors left over from the baby sack. A long time ago, I bought him some Donnegal (sp?) tweed and a fancy book with adorable patterns. It remains unknit...but I did throw together this little number sans pattern. (There's still hope for the other one!)

He does kind of have a funny body shape, though and the armholes were too big, so I tightened them up with some crochet. Of course, there's the "F."

He can't wear it at night because he gets too hot, but during the day, he is more comfortable with his little sweater- no shivering for this pampered pooch.

P.S. Thanks for the cute Halloween card for the boy Nanny-o, he loved it...oh, and he misses you too!

ruffle scarf

This is a very fun knit- with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino- so nice and soft. I think instead of ruffle scarf, it should be "study in Short row" scarf.

The only think I don't like about it is how well you can see some of the stitches. I suppose this is called "stitch definition." I just don't like it in this particular case. Oh well. Hopefully no one else will notice the lumps. Lots and lots of pics as I owe them to family members who have been stalking me- you know who you are.

See the little bumps???

There was little cooperation on the part of eldest daughter, so it's all the small fry.

I am pretty sure this was the day I decided she MUST get a haircut no matter how many tears would fall!

Mohair Scarf...

Another finished object that is happily on it's way to France. It was a "thank you for hosting us" gift to French Maman. I sent cereal to R- some granola that I think he'll like. It cost a fortune to mail and we are right next door. The pattern was a simple add a stitch/yarnover triangle. I think she'll like it. I thought I really liked mohair, but in all actuality, I am not a huge fan. Too sheddy.

Snuggly Zodiac

This little number was soooo much fun to knit. What else can one do when Aunt Buffy and Uncle L are having a baby of unknown matter if it's a boy or a girl, we all know it will be a BUCKEYE!

The pattern is Zodiac from Knitty 2007. It calls for a summer weight yarn, but I substituted some Encore Bulky from the stash. It was the first time I put in a zipper, and it wasn't bad at all.

Creepy pic, I agree, but I don't have any little models myself! the only modification I made to the pattern was to opt for crochet edging along the armholes and neckline rather than attached I-cord. The I-cord just seemed too bulky to me with this yarn. The next one I make would probably be a little wider and shorter and I would move the logo up a little bit. I didn't have any buttons, so I attached 2 from one of my favorite sweaters.

In a super crafty moment we decided (Z and I) to make a pompom for the package. She had fun...come to think of it I did too.

The giftie made it to…

One woman's fizzle is another woman's Sizzle....

Yep, my fizzle! I lost steam on this project probably about the same time I realized it was not going to fit me. There was nothing amiss about the pattern, only my choice of size! I don't know what I was thinking....I decided to finish it up and gift it to my mother-in-law. I think it looks great on her. I will knit another one at some point, likely with the same yarn and the same color...we'll have to be careful not to wear them to the same function : ) (in a few years anyway!) I think it looks great on her and the yarn is really smooth and kind of "cool" to the touch. It's Berocco Cotton Twist in the Navy colorway. It's dark blue with some black. It's the only yarn My Man has commented, that's a nice yarn- or something like that. It would have been a very quick knit had I not slowed to a crawl at the end. So, here's to her Sizzle.....

Mini sweater....

It's so fun to knit for pets because:
1.) it's a fast knit
2.) the victim always looks so cute in their sweater : )
This sweater is for Jake, a little puppy we babysat for 3 weeks.

This is Jake not sitting in his new sweater.
I made up the pattern by doing the math. It was a quick knit- mostly because he weighs 6 pounds.

The yarn is leftover Encore Bulky from a baby bunting- I used this pattern as a prototype for one for Fonzie.

This is Jake still not sitting.

This is Jake sitting in his new sweater : )