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Loose ends to weave, tie up

So, here I am not getting things done. No, I was productive today, and here I am whittling away precious time doing this. Oh well. I can likely justify this as needing "a break." The children woke up in their crabby pants this morning, which didn't really make for the most fun day. I have ends to weave in and ends to tie up before the big move! (it is becoming ever more and more a reality!)

I am still struggling with the neck for the flashdance-esque Hourglass, and should be done with it by bed time tonight. No comments on what time that might be. I ran out of stitches in the decrease raglan sections but it was still too wide, so I came up with a center decrease of some kind. I think it looks okay, but we'll see after it gets washed and re-dried- all before weaving in the ends, of course.

And then there's this, which I think is cute- it will be a kitty (Kate to be exact), but this is as far as I have gotten....I think I will try and get finish her for e…

One skein shy of a sweater......

It's the, we are lucky enough to get a visit from my sister. (We don't have too many weekends left : ( So, what's a girl to do? Make her sister try on her new sweater!

Looks great on her- not too flashdance with a tee underneath. She was kind enough to pick up that extra ball o'yarn for me. And yes, we have decided that I am one skein shy of a sweater.

Here's a photo of the kids, just because.

Oh, and mom, you can make comments right on the blog if you want. No one has ever tried, so let me know if you do. Where's your blog?????

Praise to the Swatching Gods

I know, these are TERRIBLE pics, but I thought they were better than none-there's one more at the end. Maybe not. Hey, since it's just me reading this, and I want a memory of the 2 am photo shoot, I am posting them! Yeah, in the mirror, not pretty.

About the Aurora 8. So, while I was knitting, it was SUPER tight. I gave it a quick bath and it fits great! I am amazed and have a renewed faith in the whole swatch thing. Usually, I don't wash the swatch first, but I will start. Here are some terrible pics- hubby was sleeping as it was 2 am when I got done. I wanted before and after pics. I got the before, but not the after. I tried the sweater on several times while it was damp and it looks to be just fine. Amazing. I also read on another blog that someone else had the same experience with this yarn. That made me feel a little better too. The only thing is that the neckline has stretched out a ton. It's way too flashdance for me, so I will reknit it and add an…