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Tooth Fairy pillow for Maxwell

Although I am not looking forward to the loss of deciduous teeth among my own small fries, I am super excited that our little nephew Max has started the process!

Of course, where there's an event, there's a fun little knit to go with it!

I've promised another one for H-bomb- the only way she would let this one go.

The coffee cup is in the picture to show the size, although it does look good : )

I think the pillow even arrived to be of service : )


Pattern: free download from Knitpicks
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted
Needles: size 6
Gauge: 18 sts/4 inches

It was a very easy pattern- it would have been nice to have the closure of the pillow at the bottom instead of the top so the crown would be smoother, but I didn't feel like thinking about it all that much.