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French Press cacahuètes pourpres slippers...

How could I resist? I am a francophile after all. I was sucked in by all the hype on Ravelry and all the pictures of the beautiful slippers. I wanted to make my Mom a nice pair of cute slippers for Christmas, so I bought the pattern and cast on.

Then the first problem reared it's fuzzy purple head. My Mom's feet are bigger than mine. Not having her around to try them on during the felting process was problematic. I made my dear hubby try them, and then my younger sister. Nothing like begging family to try on wet stinky slippers!

Hmmmm, these are My Man's legs and not my sisters in case you were wondering : ) It was hard to determine when to stop the felting.

Here is the first pair- sans button band. I cannot account for the difference between the two slippers, but you can see, the first finished pair was way too shallow by the heel! It just would not stay on her foot. Seems simply adding rows to make the foot bed longer for larger sizes leads to a shallow fit. : (

As much a…