Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nannio's Mitts

In this picture, my daughter looks different to me. Sometimes, I think certain photos seem to flash forward to a glimpse of the future of a child. She looks older than her 5.84 years! I love that expression : )

So, Nannio made a scarf and I made the matching mitts. I didn't like this yarn much, either. It's got too many sparkly bits in it. But the mitts are cute. I'd like to make some more of theses....

Here's them on my second daughter...

And of course, here's what they look like on the puggy : ) Sorry, you know I can't resist!

Yarn: Bulky Italian yarn
Gauge: 6 sts/2"
Needles: size 11
Pattern: Cast on 20 sts and work in the round in k1p1 rubbing for 17 rows. Change to stockinette stitch and work 12 rows in the round. Work back and forth for 6 rows to allow for a thumb opening. Rejoin to work in the round for 5 more rows- bind off. Weave in loose ends.

These work up very fast, as you might imagine. Hopefully they will help Nannio beat the chill this fall.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Anastasia's Shawl....

I knit this shawl for my big sister. Although it didn't take long to knit, it has taken me a long time to finish it up. Seems I have several projects that are near completion - over 90% done, yet they remain 10% undone.

I have really changed to a process-type knitter and not a project oriented knitter, but STILL!

The yarn was not my favorite. My knitterly friends seem to think the finished product looks nice, but it's hard for me to see past the yarn. As usual, I am not a fan of novelty yarn.

Yarn: Karabella Gossamer, black
Pattern: Karabella KK230
Yarn used: 3 skeins, 220 yards EACH
Gauge: 14-16 sts/4 inches
Needles: size 10

Mods: Cast on 30 rather than 16 and then I just kept knitting and increasing until it was the length I wanted from neck to elbow. The final measurements are:

neck to elbow-19"
neck down back- 25"
length across at widest point-46"

I knit this with smaller needles than called for, so it has a tighter feel and should be warmer. At the recommended gauge, the stitches seemed too big to me- it had too many "holes." So, I used 3 skeins rather than 2. Even with the extra skein, I had to make the ruffle smaller so I didn't run out of yarn.

It's a very simple pattern and a ruffle is always nice.

Look for this in the mail soon....sis!