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Don't let the "Cat out of the Bag" or rather "The Bird out of the Egg"

Look who is drying on the radiator after a nice overnight soak in the sink. (I forgot about the poor little thing and I felt sorry for him this morning when I found him belly up in the basin : ( But he's feeling better now!

I am trying to make these little reversible duck/egg toys as a surprise for the girls for Easter. The surprise part isn't going that well. I have been working on them when my youngest is around and she's far too knit-curious for it to be a secret....I am hoping the old "out of sight out of mind" will come into play.

People, this is an all-time record for me- usually my Easter treats require a grueling late-night last minute finishing fest. Hmmmmm, I probably shouldn't count my ducklings before they hatch.....

How to knit an "Instant Doggy Bed"

Here's my pattern for an instant doggy bed......

I just couldn't resist posting this.....think I have too many knitting bags all over the house? Don't even think for one minute that I "shooed" him off, he'll only climb back up there as soon as I walk out of the room : ) Besides, he looks so comfy....who could disturb him?(!)

Slouching toward the weekend......

I thought a nice slouchy hat would be a good addition to my winter hat collection, so I set off to find one that I had seen from Knit and Tonic. Unable to locate the pattern, I found one that was a copycat version. The first hat I knit wasn't slouchy....I figured it was the faux cables that were causing the problem. In my quest for the slouch effect, I frogged it and re-knit it with larger needles. Well, the result was roughly the same : P

It fits, just not with envisioned slouch effect. But, alas, I am not interested in knitting it again. Oh's still a usable hat- and the faux cables were very fun! I am happy to have added that technique to my repertoire.

Pattern: Slouchy Copy Cat Hat (Ravelry link- if you haven't already, JOIN!)
Yarn: Berrocco Comfort Worsted- this is a great yarn! I really like it and it's machine washable- I think Berrocco has some cute patterns out too.

The faux cables are actually well-placed decreases followed by an increase- a …

Crossing the finish line.....

These little mitts were started a while ago. I fell out of love with them at some point and, sadly, they were languishing at the bottom of some knitting bag with only one thumb left to knit!!! I eagerly finished them up before the Ravelympics started. I realize the Olympics only lasted 2 weeks, but I really felt inspired to complete several UFOs. Hurray!

As you can see from these pics, the mitts look pretty cute. The pattern is nice enough and the yarn was pretty.

But this next picture may show when I stopped feeling the love.

You see, as you increase the stitch count along the gussets for the thumb, the pattern becomes a bit wonky. For this glove, I just let the space grow between the spirals.....not really the best looking pattern I have ever seen.

Then for this glove, when the numbers were right, I started another spiral to see how that looked. You can see it here in the pic, it just starts out of no where.

So, they are finished and I have worn them several times. I simply put the wonk…