Friday, March 05, 2010

Crossing the finish line.....

These little mitts were started a while ago. I fell out of love with them at some point and, sadly, they were languishing at the bottom of some knitting bag with only one thumb left to knit!!! I eagerly finished them up before the Ravelympics started. I realize the Olympics only lasted 2 weeks, but I really felt inspired to complete several UFOs. Hurray!

As you can see from these pics, the mitts look pretty cute. The pattern is nice enough and the yarn was pretty.

But this next picture may show when I stopped feeling the love.

You see, as you increase the stitch count along the gussets for the thumb, the pattern becomes a bit wonky. For this glove, I just let the space grow between the spirals.....not really the best looking pattern I have ever seen.

Then for this glove, when the numbers were right, I started another spiral to see how that looked. You can see it here in the pic, it just starts out of no where.

So, they are finished and I have worn them several times. I simply put the wonky sides on facing down, along my palms. No big deal, but not a pattern I would want to use as a gift, nor would I want to make them again. Oh well. I still have a TON of the yarn left, so I will have to stash it for later.

Pattern: Winter Wonderland Mitts by Kristin Handen
Yarn: Dream in Color- Smooshy, fingering weight
Needles: size 4's
I couldn't actually find the pattern on their website.....maybe they took it off?

The yarn was wonderful and very soft...maybe I'll use the rest for some baby booties!

For the first time in my life, I have knit something that I am a little embarrassed about....and no it's not a string bikini or any of the items listed as "Naughty" on Ravelry! It's a "neckwarmer" but both my hubby and good friend saw it and shouted- "It's a dickey! Oh My Gosh-- you made a dickey!"

So, I am hesitant about divulging information- I know my friend wants to paste my picture all over facebook, BUT I have been wearing it a lot and I do LOVE it!!!!! Shhh, it's a secret!


nanny said...

A dickey!!!!!!! Too funyy. One of my friends at school just got a dickey with a string to tighten it....the beads hanging from the strings are quite attractive, byt you are right it is a dickey with strangling power. Will forward a photo soon. Power to the dickeys...they make a comeback. I thought the glovelets look good, pretty yarn and I am glad they are being worn. I'm proud that you finished some of your unfinished. I need to take a lesson.

Shauna said...

I love the gauntlets! I like the quirky pattern too--I'd wear that side up! Cuute color!

I'd also like to order 1 dickie, please! Oh, wait! That was last week's date!! Meuwahhhhhhhhhh!