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Catching up...with baby steps

I made this little sack for my new nephew...of course I haven't posted in a while and now he's 2 years old. Just kidding, it hasn't been THAT long, but he is 2 months old : )

I hope this fit him at some point, though not anymore! While I was making it, I was thinking how small it seemed, but I sized it up against a little 5 week old and it seemed like it would be alright. I don't know for sure.


Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK
Color: green
Washing: machine wash and dry until nearly dry
Pattern: Mrs. Brak's Drawstring Bottom Baby Kimono with Raglan Shaping by Georgia Porter
Mods: I made a crochet chain to tie it....and a matching little hat
Buttons: from a crazy little italian shop!

There's an Italian woman at the library who directed me to a button/fabric store. There were dozens and dozens of boxes stacked up to the ceiling. Each box had a dozen or so little buttons stuck on the front of the lid. The idea was to point to a box that might have something of i…