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Happy Birthday Chloë

Here are some kitty toys I made to celebrate/commemorate Chloë's (my sister's cat) 18th birthday. Eighteen years and still just as ornery : )
I guess catnip works on 4-year old children as well?

A couple of the new S'n'B knitters asked about these. The pattern is Feline Dim Sum. I think it would be suitable for a beginner if you want to give it a try. These were made out of some leftover Encore Worsted and knit to a tight gauge so the catnip wouldn't all fall out.

Starsky plods along

In keeping with my inability to stay focused on any one project to completion, I have quite a bit of Starsky finished. I am making both the sleeves at the same time, so that's going pretty quickly. I imagine the collar will be slow. I was completely tired of knitting while staring at the graph, but I knew if I set it down for a time out that it would likely be a while before I picked it back up. So, the chart part is completed.

When I was in high school/college we had a black-faced dog named Samantha. It was very difficult to get a good picture of her beautiful face. I am having the same problem with this black sweater! It's made with Cascade Ecowool-the skeins are so huge that it makes obscenely large yarn balls. Lovely to haul around.

First Ever S'n'B Aviano

Introducing the first-ever (that I know of : ) S'n'B Aviano.

When I got here a year ago, I was saddened to find there was no established I am trying to start our own. Last week was the first meeting and it was really fun. I am teaching a couple of new knitters, and I am sure before long, they will be teaching me a thing or two! See you tomorrow.

P.S. Anne's mom- Look she's knitting : )

Guiness Sock

We interupt this knitting program to bring you a knitted slipper sock. Oh, wait, this has since been ripped out (several times) and replaced with a new version without the middle stripe of oatmeal color.

I have no idea why I keep starting new projects, when I have so many other projects on the needles. I don't think any of them qualify as "languishing" but the knitting at knoon sweater for my daughter is getting close.

This project has spent a long time in my husband's head. I'll tell you, making a knitted version of what is in someone else's head is no easy task. Yeesh.

I have never knit anything for my hubby. He DOES NOT wear sweaters....except the one that I knit for my Dad and then re-worked the collar to suit him. The only knitted hat he wears is from the 70's and has snoopy on it. He wears specific motorcycle gloves.

What does that leave? Knitted boxers? Well, it leaves knitted socks. He's been watching me knit these for others (and…

To warm the head of a dear friend....

This is the Odessa Hat.

It was made with my love and positive energy in every stitch to help Sandy fight cancer.

Ironically, she is a hairstylist and has spent her life helping people have beautiful hair. I think about her a lot. It seems I have a "scent memory" connected with her name. She always smells like Aveda products. Every day when I wash my hair, I think of her and hope she is having a good day.
The hat was made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, one skein. I didn't swatch, because I didn't want to - besides, I am not even sure how to count in a pattern like this. I figured with this style, it would fit most. It was a quick, fun knit. I left the beads off- I thought they might be too lumpy on a sensitive scalp.
I have no idea why Miss H has the long face, I think she was channeling her inner beatnik.
Oh look, here's her inner beatnik now.

Nanny-o's ugly scarf

Just to see how far behind I am in this posting business. This scarf was knitted, washed, dried and mailed to Ohio for a birthday present. (I think it was even on time.)

It has since returned to Italy- smushed in the bottom of a suitcase; been ripped and re-worked into a crocheted scarf.

Here's H being attacked by the stiff and scarey scarf. It was made with large needles, but apparently not large enough to make it a fluid fabric. Everyone who saw it agreed it was ugly, including it's recipient- my mom. Luckily, she was honest and told me about it, and it was re-worked. Apparently it had a destiny in crochet.

Yep, this is a poor photograph, but it was all I had of the scarf in it's new form. It was around my mom's neck the entire time- not only because it's very cold in this old concrete house, but I think because she really likes it!

I'll tell you what, it was lumpy and irregular knitted up and it was wonderful and fluid in the crocheted version.