Sunday, January 27, 2008

Starsky plods along

In keeping with my inability to stay focused on any one project to completion, I have quite a bit of Starsky finished. I am making both the sleeves at the same time, so that's going pretty quickly. I imagine the collar will be slow. I was completely tired of knitting while staring at the graph, but I knew if I set it down for a time out that it would likely be a while before I picked it back up. So, the chart part is completed.

When I was in high school/college we had a black-faced dog named Samantha. It was very difficult to get a good picture of her beautiful face. I am having the same problem with this black sweater! It's made with Cascade Ecowool-the skeins are so huge that it makes obscenely large yarn balls. Lovely to haul around.


amanda said...

Good luck finishing Starsky. I think you will really like it. I had row gauge issues on the sleeves, just to forewarn you. I had to modify the decreases on the sleeve caps.

Anonymous said...

Love the looks familiar? Another life maybe? I am inspired that one day I will leave my basket knit scarf and actually complete a REAL garment. Love the color and the pattern (which you can see if you look closely.)

mimi and papa said...

When I see such a wonderful work in progress, I secretly hope that it will be too small and then be donated to a short person you know. Looks luscious. Love, Mimi