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Swatch city

If it weren't for Bonne Marie at Chic Knits and her articles about sizing and fit, I don't think I would ever knit a garment that fit! Thanks to her and knitty, I have had some recent projects that I have really loved.

More about the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I am very happy with the way it turned out-finally. The yarn gave me terrible troubles, but is so soft! It's wonderful. I probably could be talked into working with it again, if I don't find another Merino of comparable softness. If I were to work with Karabella Aurora 8 again, I would put the balls into hanks and wash them before doing anything else. That would take care of my gauge issues and would make it bearable. It's really soft, did I mention that? I will be curious to see how it wears.

There's a picture of my Friday night. Casting on...again for the Indigo Ripples skirt.. somehow on a size 5 needle, my gauge has more stitches per inch than on the fours! Swatches do lie! So, …'s about time!

Another finished object : ) This is Hourglass from Last Minute Knitted Gifts- I finally finished it tonight and have been wearing it for several hours. It definitely deserved the Cosmo rather than your typical glass of wine. What a marathon. I love it so far- the yarn, Karabella Aurora 8 (my nemesis) is so fabulous. It's like a warm snuggly hug! More later on the details.

Also, a few swatches were underway with my handy helper.

Sage Gables

Ta da. I love this sweater and wore it all day today and still love it. It's the green gables pattern (from Zephyrstyle) - it knitted up very quickly and it fits great! I am very happy with it.

The celebratory glass of vino- it's good to have an excuse once in a while : )

I don't know if the lace shows up, but you can see it in yesterday's post. I really enjoyed making this and I might make another one. This is before the blocking of the lace. It still rolls out a little bit at the top, but I don't care. One thing- I was wondering if I could feel the 20% wool content....I felt a bit itchy a couple of times today. Still not enough to make me stop loving it.

Pattern: Green Gables
Needles: Size 6 (pretty old metal ones) and 4 circulars
Yarn: Brown Sheep cotton fleece, color dusty sage
Comments: quick knit from the top down- great fun.

I am currently obsessed about knitting a skirt, Indigo Ripple to be exact. I have to figure out a yarn as the one in the pattern is disc…

My wishes are coming true : )

I have been knitting! Aren't these cute little markers? I couldn't take a decent picture, but there are little blue birds and a snowperson, which is the signature of the creator and she sent it as a free little extra marker. I definitely need practice with the pics- the flash kept whiting them out : ( The markers are from Good to be Girl.

What's this? Could it be matching yarn to finish the languishing Hourglass? Excellent. I have to say that I really didn't think that in this time dye lots mattered anymore- I mean with computers and all...but they do! Oh, is that Hempathy yarn for a little black tank top? Indeed it is.

Will this be a finished object soon????

One Skein Wonder

It seems like I am always behind the latest web craze. I sometimes make the popular projects and sometimes, I just think about them and then forget about them eventually. Last summer, everyone was making the OSW by Stefanie Japel. I bought the pattern and then didn't get around to making it, but I had every intention of making one. I finally made one with Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton and it's such a great pattern. I like a lot of Glampyre's patterns, and would like to check out her book eventually. Here's the final product.

It's a little looser around the bottom edge than I would like, but it has to stretch so I can move- plus it's cotton. I bound off with needles 2 sizes larger than called for so that it wouldn't be too tight, perhaps it was a bit much.

I won't even begin to tell about the problems that I had with the gauge....seems like that's the story of my knitting life these days, but I think I got it worked out. I knit and re-knit and re-k…