Monday, May 28, 2007

Swatch city

If it weren't for Bonne Marie at Chic Knits and her articles about sizing and fit, I don't think I would ever knit a garment that fit! Thanks to her and knitty, I have had some recent projects that I have really loved.

More about the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I am very happy with the way it turned out-finally. The yarn gave me terrible troubles, but is so soft! It's wonderful. I probably could be talked into working with it again, if I don't find another Merino of comparable softness. If I were to work with Karabella Aurora 8 again, I would put the balls into hanks and wash them before doing anything else. That would take care of my gauge issues and would make it bearable. It's really soft, did I mention that? I will be curious to see how it wears.

There's a picture of my Friday night. Casting on...again for the Indigo Ripples skirt.. somehow on a size 5 needle, my gauge has more stitches per inch than on the fours! Swatches do lie! So, I took my project off the needles to measure, it was going to be huge. Back to the drawing board. I have made huge progress, though, I just don't have any pics yet. I just joined the KAL : ) My first official knit-along. It's right up my alley, no rules and no deadline..yipee.

This lovely swatch made with crunchy acrylic yarn is for the lotus blossom tank. See, I was going to have this going at the same time I did the boring stockinette for the skirt, but the boring stockinette is done thanks to my mom and the taped shows from the states. So, I will just have to start it up next chance I get and then I will have 2 lace projects at once. That will be interesting.

What a great black background....scroll down to see the truth.

I have to work on taking pics.


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