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Happy birthday, hot legs......

A little flashback to the 80's for my little sister's birthday : )

This was a fun, straightforward project I worked on during the drive to France. (Fret not, camper, My Man was doing the driving: ) I admit I ripped them out quite a bit in the beginning (nothing new for me). At first they seemed too small, then, it was something else that bothered me, but when I was done messing around, they knitted up just fine. It makes me want a pair......oy!

Yarn: Patons Classic wool- self-striping, love that!
Pattern: Cast on 60, work in 2x2 rib for 20 rows, then change to stockinette until desired length. Finish with 20 rows of 2x2 rib at the other end!
Gauge: 20 sts/4 inches
Needles: Size 6- magic loop method used.