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We went to a "chalk festival"- which was really all about sidewalk art!  There were 3 master artists and the rest of us.  It was wonderful.  You walk through the town and admire the art.  Then you can go to a station and get free chalk and a number and find your own sqaure to decorate!  It was such a unique and interesting event. One of the master artists.
One of the new talents : ) Another up and coming artist!

Rippling through the summer......

Seems a lot has changed with Blogger in the last couple of years!  We shall see how this goes.  To say that I don't have time to blog would be an understatement, yet here I am.  As a personal goal, I am going to try and spend more time doing things I enjoy and less time worrying about my work......we'll see how long that lasts!

As a segue into a new post, I am also trying a craft that is new for me....crochet!  Although I have had some fun with it in the form of amigurumi, I haven't ever made a full blown crochet project until now! 

Furthermore, I have also deviated from my undying love of natural fibers and sashayed into the realm of cheap acrylic yarns.  To be honest, this started with our recent move- when I rediscovered a blanket that my Grandmother, Stella, made for me when I was a baby.  Sadly, she passed away, so I never got to know her.  But I have this blanket....and I love it.  It's not the kind of love that knocks you off your feet and takes your breath awa…