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Between this and that....

there's a shawl.

I am really between projects, so this is what I have been working on. I would like to make Fantine. I have the yarn and the pattern, but I can't find the pattern. We moved a couple of months ago, and the last time I saw the pattern was on the table in our old living room. It hasn't turned up.

I have been thinking about knitting some holiday gifts. Thinking about it isn't that productive.

I have also been thinking about just reaching my hand into my bin o' yarn and knitting something out of whatever I grab. I dream of turning over most of my stash by using it up. Dreaming isn't that productive, either.

Hey, at least I'll have a shawl to show for it. This is a feather and fan shawl with Andean Treasure from Knitpicks. The yarn is truly wonderful and soft. I don't think of this as a shawl as much as a thick scarf to chase away the Italian chill. "Shawl" sounds like something someone really old would use. Certainly someo…

Bestest Mom Ever!

The Aviano Knitwits were the happy recipients of a package from our fervent, stateside supporters- Nanny-o and her knitwit friend Carol. I am surprised Nanny-o could wrestle the yarn from Carol before she knit it into holiday washcloths : )

Let me tell you- we were so thrilled. Those of you in the USA might take it for granted that you can easily go to your local yarn shop or Michaels to browse for inspiration and supplies. It's quite different here, so this box from home was a wonderful surprise.

Here we are charging up the glow in the dark yarn. What fun!!

Our box had candy, yarn, and patterns for ghosts and pumpkins in cute little booklets. There were also some knitterly magazines in there. This box was truly appreciated- we were like kids ourselves-oooh, look at this, look at that. Thank you for such a wonderful gift- it meant a lot to us.

This is one of two pumpkins I made for the girls. H wanted hers to have lipstick and eyelashes, while Z's has a frown. Hers has be…

Blanket him with love....

This picture was taken just before packing this blanket up for its journey to Ohio. I made this for my friend's son's first birthday. Clearly they are fans of The OSU.

I put the camera there to give an idea about the finished size...I think it was about 3.5 feet square.

This was taken hanging over the edge of a twin size bed. Although the pattern is for a baby blanket, I usually make the blanket bigger- more of a toddler-size blanket.

Here's a pic of the little fellow I made to go in the pocket. I just couldn't bring myself to create a Brutus Buckeye. A little lamb will have to do.

Z gives him a christening kiss (even though it looks like she's trying to eat him) for the journey.

I just really love this pattern- this is my third version. The pattern is the Bear Necessities Blanket from Vogue Baby Blankets. Instead of changing colors every row- I make the rows thicker- weaving in all the ends IS a bear! This time I made the pocket bigger. I used Encore Worsted- t…

Eating Crow.....

or a mouthful of hairy homespun! Yep, that's right. There is a new place in my heart for Hairy Homespun.... Just think, the very reason I started this blanket- after giving up my "crochet blanket dream," was because I couldn't stand the thought of stashing so much of this stuff! I wanted to "use it up," so to speak.
I still don't like the colors, and I certainly did not enjoy knitting with the stuff, but the blanket is soft, easily washed, and snuggly! It was a very nice outcome and it never hurts that is was quite quick to make.
This blanket was knit with 2 strands together. There's a garter stitch border and a single garter ridge between color changes. I fear there will be another one in my future as it has met with rave reviews from the girls, my mother-in-law, my sister and my dog. This original work of Hairy-ness is winging it's way to a new home in Seattle Washington. Enjoy this belated birthday gift my sister- it's a long-distance h…