Friday, November 07, 2008

Eating Crow.....

or a mouthful of hairy homespun! Yep, that's right. There is a new place in my heart for Hairy Homespun.... Just think, the very reason I started this blanket- after giving up my "crochet blanket dream," was because I couldn't stand the thought of stashing so much of this stuff! I wanted to "use it up," so to speak.
I still don't like the colors, and I certainly did not enjoy knitting with the stuff, but the blanket is soft, easily washed, and snuggly! It was a very nice outcome and it never hurts that is was quite quick to make.
This blanket was knit with 2 strands together. There's a garter stitch border and a single garter ridge between color changes. I fear there will be another one in my future as it has met with rave reviews from the girls, my mother-in-law, my sister and my dog. This original work of Hairy-ness is winging it's way to a new home in Seattle Washington. Enjoy this belated birthday gift my sister- it's a long-distance hairy hug : )


nanny said...

So how do you really feel? Ha, ha.
It looks great and does have all those redeeming features you mentioned, however, when I walk by I hustle just a little.....I think I have been tainted. Kidding aside it does look good as do all your projects. Have been slow on the knitwork, due to other commitments, but as always inspired with too many patterns and an ever growing stash!

Shauna said...

Oh my! Me and my blanket are famous again! Chloe and I are loving its warmth, colors(!), and snuggability!! You are faboolous! Thanks again for a super duper birthday package! And my RAKU--which is right above my head as I type--super cooool!