Friday, April 25, 2008

The beginning of Amigurumi...

Just look at that happy kid- I suppose this is what/who started me down the path of late nights and tingling digits. Seems I have gotten into the habit of making my girls a new stuffed toy every Easter. This year, she wanted a guinea pig. For weeks I tried to get her to change her mind, to no avail. I couldn't find a knitted pattern- in hindsight, I am sure I could have just come up with something, but instead, I found this site: Planet June. While I have tried basic crochet before (with the help of the Happy Hookers), I hadn't tried anything like this before. So, I gave it a whirl- and, judging from the smiles, I think it went well.
Lucky for me, Nanny-o has been here for Spring break to do the hard part...the faces! And, as usual, we have to do it late at night, the eve before Easter. Hey, it's tradition. It's when we do our best work! (heard that before?)
Note the blue rooster pitcher filled with red wine : )
Thanks for your help Mumsey!

The pattern is the same for both. Obviously, for the fuzzy fellow, I held the eyelash yarn together with the worsted weight yarn. The little guy is just the worsted weight yarn. I was a little surprised by how dramatic the size difference was, but it doesn't matter to the girls.
Some may note that the little one doesn't have legs. In my hurry to meet the Easter Bunny deadline, I overlooked those little details known as legs. My little girl has never noticed, or she has never said anything if she did notice. My elder daughter points it out to me on a daily basis. I tell her it's on my list of things to do : )

Monday, April 21, 2008

Come back Jan!

The elder daughter, filled with awe, quietly observed, "Mom, she's knitting that blanket AND using that blanket."

Ten seconds later, they couldn't resist any longer and jumped under that handknit- smart girls.

I'm not sure how much knitting we got done, but we had fun. Come back soon : )

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sweet little hat....

I made this for a baby shower recently. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It was easy and fun to knit- but there is an error in the pattern that isn't corrected on the errata page. Following the given instructions doesn't leave enough openings to thread the tie properly. This time, (as I was running out of time and wanted it to be washed and ready to wear) I simply overlooked the defect and tied the hat. Next time I make it, I will add another eyelet. The yarn is Mission Falls cotton- from the stash.

I also made this....

I have started to crochet little items (read....current obsession). It seems so freeing to be able to create simple sweet designs with only a hook. The baby's name will be Sofia and the shower was the day before Easter.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008's a re-run!

To say I "love" this sweater does not do my sentiments justice. I really, really adore this sweater. I wear it all the time and it's perfectly suited for this time of season change. It makes me feel like I know how to knit : ) It's comfortable and snuggly.

The pattern is great, easy to follow and I didn't hit any stumbling blocks. I used EcoWool and it's lovely. I am also happy with the color. As you all know, the pattern is Starsky and it's from Paige).

I love it...okay, nuff said, you get the idea?

Now that I have extolled the virtues of the sweater, there is, one problem....

Yes folks, there are some "unsightly bulges" with which to contend! YUCK!!! My dear mother-in-law thinks that it was the lighting and the photography. I dare disagree. It was very kind of my father-in-law to take the pictures on the streets of Spilimbergo, and the quality of pics is fine. I don't believe there is a change in "lighting" that's going to change those bulges!!!! (maybe some smoke and mirrors might do the trick!)

When I review the pattern on knitty, the picture of the back of the sweater has the model standing with her arms outstretched in front of her....if I do that, the bulges disappear. However, that's not a natural when the sweater is belted it has the bulges. I guess I can either, 1) not even give it another thought, knowing personally that I don't have actual "fat back" rolls or 2) skip the belt and close it with a hair stick.

Lucky for me, I haven't attached the belt I have been using the hair stick lately. I am still not sure what I will do, but it doesn't diminish my love for this finished project.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Guiness socks.....

These are happy feet. I finally finished the "guiness" socks for My Man. In the end, he opted not to go with the "sloth toe" (ie flip flop friendly) style...I wish I would have taken a picture of said toe. He decided having fabric between his toes would bother him.

The pattern is an old Lopi pattern for slipper socks. The yarn is Lamb's Pride Bulky.