Monday, October 29, 2007


Oh my gosh, our little buddy looks so old in this picture! Here he is in his new sweater. Yep, it's buckeye colors left over from the baby sack. A long time ago, I bought him some Donnegal (sp?) tweed and a fancy book with adorable patterns. It remains unknit...but I did throw together this little number sans pattern. (There's still hope for the other one!)

He does kind of have a funny body shape, though and the armholes were too big, so I tightened them up with some crochet. Of course, there's the "F."

He can't wear it at night because he gets too hot, but during the day, he is more comfortable with his little sweater- no shivering for this pampered pooch.

P.S. Thanks for the cute Halloween card for the boy Nanny-o, he loved it...oh, and he misses you too!


lynda said...

Nothing's cuter that a cute dog, unless it's a cute dog in a sweater! Love it :o)

amanda said...

Your dog is so cute in that sweater. Looks like he likes it, too!

nanny said...

My little boy! He looks so adorable. I'm glad he has a nice sweater to keep him warm. Maybe he needs a little brother or sister, Richie, Pinky, to cheer him up? You know he is outnumbered by the little trains. I agree with the other responders, cute dog, cute coat. I just want to give hima little squeeze!

Shauna said...

Cute Fonzie and sweater! Love and miss him, even habing him underfoot. Remember the day I "babysat" him and we never stopped playing?!?! Lord have mercy on the little guy.