Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guiness Sock

We interupt this knitting program to bring you a knitted slipper sock. Oh, wait, this has since been ripped out (several times) and replaced with a new version without the middle stripe of oatmeal color.

I have no idea why I keep starting new projects, when I have so many other projects on the needles. I don't think any of them qualify as "languishing" but the knitting at knoon sweater for my daughter is getting close.

This project has spent a long time in my husband's head. I'll tell you, making a knitted version of what is in someone else's head is no easy task. Yeesh.

I have never knit anything for my hubby. He DOES NOT wear sweaters....except the one that I knit for my Dad and then re-worked the collar to suit him. The only knitted hat he wears is from the 70's and has snoopy on it. He wears specific motorcycle gloves.

What does that leave? Knitted boxers? Well, it leaves knitted socks. He's been watching me knit these for others (and myself) for years. He has been pining (and nagging)for a pair with a Guiness beer motif. It took me a long time and countless discussions to figure out exactly what he wants- I am still not sure I know. His design changes all the time, I'll tell you- even as I knit! (Could this be the reason I have staved off this project for, oh, say, 10 years at least?) So, we settled on some colors and away we go. (Thank goodness Lamb's Pride Bulky comes in so many colors!)

I have ripped several times and am now working on the toe. To "customize" his sock ever further, he wants the big toe separate from the others! Isn't he hilarious? I can't imagine he is going to enjoy having the big toe sequesterd, as he doesn't wear ANY shoe that separates his toes as such, but they are, after all, his socks.

I had to re-work my standard pattern to accomodate his ample foot. It wasn't hard. The only thing I don't understand is why I DON'T have to wrap all the stitches and there aren't any holes. (I haven't made a pair of regular socks- ever, so maybe that's why I don't get it, but I am grateful : )

I suppose this is better than my last "fugue" which involved a crocheted cowboy hat. I came to my senses before it was finished- thank goodness. I don't know what got into me.


amanda said...

Good luck with that sock! It really will be a custom-knit!

Shauna said...

That is High Larryous that he wants his Big Toe separate! Won't it get cold? Lonely? Bored? I would! I like it with the oatmeal layer in the middle! Is it really going to happen?!
Chloe the Wonton

nanny said...

Ditto on the creamy center wool. I think it is just too large, an inch would be about right. Having just had a Guiness,I carefully observed the blending and the froth. Nannio would like an nch of blend in hers please. They look yummy and will be a big hit. Knit on!

mimi and papa said...

Leave it to your man to request such a unique sock. He may be on to something---just think---a cottage industry of socks to coordinate with one's favorite brew or team for that matter! They will be a hit, I'm sure. I admire your "stick-to-it"-approach.
Love, Mimi