Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bestest Mom Ever!

The Aviano Knitwits were the happy recipients of a package from our fervent, stateside supporters- Nanny-o and her knitwit friend Carol. I am surprised Nanny-o could wrestle the yarn from Carol before she knit it into holiday washcloths : )

Let me tell you- we were so thrilled. Those of you in the USA might take it for granted that you can easily go to your local yarn shop or Michaels to browse for inspiration and supplies. It's quite different here, so this box from home was a wonderful surprise.

Here we are charging up the glow in the dark yarn. What fun!!

Our box had candy, yarn, and patterns for ghosts and pumpkins in cute little booklets. There were also some knitterly magazines in there. This box was truly appreciated- we were like kids ourselves-oooh, look at this, look at that. Thank you for such a wonderful gift- it meant a lot to us.

This is one of two pumpkins I made for the girls. H wanted hers to have lipstick and eyelashes, while Z's has a frown. Hers has been missing for a while, I strongly suspect the dog knows what happened to it....but he's not saying a word.


Shauna said...

What a fun package! Glo-in-the dark yarn--who knew?!? Love it! Looks like y'all knitwits (brilliant!) had a grand ole time! Fun Fun! Think of you each time I drive past the Yarn Gallery near my apt....

nanny said...

Joy, Joy, Joy!!!!

Glad you loved the box!!!!!!

It was as much fun for me getting it together. I was hoping you'd all like it. And creative Carol, what can I say. She is a walking idea machine.....she really should have been in advertising.

We think of you know Carol is an old military bride, ooops I mean former. No she is former military not a former bride. Well she's not a bride any longer rather a LONG married woman. Oh I give up.

Think of you often.