Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blanket him with love....

This picture was taken just before packing this blanket up for its journey to Ohio. I made this for my friend's son's first birthday. Clearly they are fans of The OSU.

I put the camera there to give an idea about the finished size...I think it was about 3.5 feet square.

This was taken hanging over the edge of a twin size bed. Although the pattern is for a baby blanket, I usually make the blanket bigger- more of a toddler-size blanket.

Here's a pic of the little fellow I made to go in the pocket. I just couldn't bring myself to create a Brutus Buckeye. A little lamb will have to do.

Z gives him a christening kiss (even though it looks like she's trying to eat him) for the journey.

I just really love this pattern- this is my third version. The pattern is the Bear Necessities Blanket from Vogue Baby Blankets. Instead of changing colors every row- I make the rows thicker- weaving in all the ends IS a bear! This time I made the pocket bigger. I used Encore Worsted- three skeins of gray, 2 of the scarlet and one white. This is an easy care yarn that seems to hold up well. I also make the seed stitch edging thicker.

The little lambi came from Tiny Yarn Animals.

Also, in knitting news, I have started teaching a class at the community center. We meet on Tuesday evenings. I wonder how they are doing? If you are reading this...leave a comment and let me know!


Shauna said...

Too cute! Both Lambi, blanket, and Z eating Lambi! They will love their new blankie!! (as I heart mine!)

MS. C said...

Love your site. This is Ms. C from your class, my Christmas bag is coming along nicely, I have one side done and have started the other side. Thanks for all your patience and sharing your expertise with us. You are so much fun.

nanny said...

As always I am impressed with your talent. The blanket looks fabulous. It is a true labor of love. Lucky the baby receiver. Nice to see it complete. I also think the lamb is better than BB.