Friday, May 18, 2007's about time!

Another finished object : ) This is Hourglass from Last Minute Knitted Gifts- I finally finished it tonight and have been wearing it for several hours. It definitely deserved the Cosmo rather than your typical glass of wine. What a marathon. I love it so far- the yarn, Karabella Aurora 8 (my nemesis) is so fabulous. It's like a warm snuggly hug! More later on the details.

Also, a few swatches were underway with my handy helper.


Shauna said...

Great Sweater! And precious pea of a little Gordon helper!! Sooo cute Gordy's new hairycot! She's got painted toe nails!! Don't let her grow up too fast!! :) PS Where's my odd fellow?!?! :)
Much LOVE!
Sho Nuff

nanny said...

Hallelujiah!! It is finished and looks beautiful. I love the stlylin. It certainly deserves a drink of choice. Gordon sure is sweet and looks very intent on helping with the yarn. A new knitter in a few years? I think so. Agreed, the Italian haircut is good. Maybe she'll share her stylist with Nonna when she visits. (No comments required from any adult children.) Keep on knitting.