Sunday, May 06, 2007

One Skein Wonder

It seems like I am always behind the latest web craze. I sometimes make the popular projects and sometimes, I just think about them and then forget about them eventually. Last summer, everyone was making the OSW by Stefanie Japel. I bought the pattern and then didn't get around to making it, but I had every intention of making one. I finally made one with Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton and it's such a great pattern. I like a lot of Glampyre's patterns, and would like to check out her book eventually. Here's the final product.

It's a little looser around the bottom edge than I would like, but it has to stretch so I can move- plus it's cotton. I bound off with needles 2 sizes larger than called for so that it wouldn't be too tight, perhaps it was a bit much.

I won't even begin to tell about the problems that I had with the gauge....seems like that's the story of my knitting life these days, but I think I got it worked out. I knit and re-knit and re-knit and re-knit several times....ugh. I still think it's a bit tight under the arms for me, so I may gift it and re-knit one for myself.

I absolutely LOVE this yarn- it's soft and fabulous. The pattern is adorable, you just sit down and knit and boom, you have a cute little shrug. I definitely plan on making more....I think I might use the same yarn, but I may try something new...we'll see. I have a new favorite online yarn shop...

This is for my one, occasional reader : ) It's a self portrait, if you can't tell.


nanny said...

Too cute and the shrug too!

Wishful Knitting said...

I can always count on you nanny : )

Shauna said...

Sister! You and your sweater shrug are beautiful!! What lovely pics of you!! You should be on the cover of the mag "One Skein Wonder!" (I'm editor in chief!)

I like your self portrait with kids too--you all look like you're having fun!!

Wishful Knitting said...

Hola Shosho, glad you stopped by : ) Thanks for the nice comments!