Friday, May 11, 2007

Sage Gables

Ta da. I love this sweater and wore it all day today and still love it. It's the green gables pattern (from Zephyrstyle) - it knitted up very quickly and it fits great! I am very happy with it.

The celebratory glass of vino- it's good to have an excuse once in a while : )

I don't know if the lace shows up, but you can see it in yesterday's post. I really enjoyed making this and I might make another one. This is before the blocking of the lace. It still rolls out a little bit at the top, but I don't care. One thing- I was wondering if I could feel the 20% wool content....I felt a bit itchy a couple of times today. Still not enough to make me stop loving it.

Pattern: Green Gables
Needles: Size 6 (pretty old metal ones) and 4 circulars
Yarn: Brown Sheep cotton fleece, color dusty sage
Comments: quick knit from the top down- great fun.

I am currently obsessed about knitting a skirt, Indigo Ripple to be exact. I have to figure out a yarn as the one in the pattern is discontinued...I need skirts, but I don't know about the practicality aspect, but...who cares : )


nanny said...

Very nice sweater and good color. I love it! You are really becoming exemplary at your craft. It fits! I think that is the criteria. Lovely, very nice, very nice (as Father Richard would say.)

Shauna said...

You look so European in your sassy green gorgeous by the way! well done! sweater and your camo skirt and wine!! So glad y'all are living it up I-style! lookin fur flites now...uh, oh prices up!

Bongo Bear said...

Even though I am not a knitter, your blog makes me want to try! I love seeing you model your creations. (great pics of you and the bambinos!) You are so talented!! Since you need skirts, I will make you one from a pillow case :-)