Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My wishes are coming true : )

I have been knitting! Aren't these cute little markers? I couldn't take a decent picture, but there are little blue birds and a snowperson, which is the signature of the creator and she sent it as a free little extra marker. I definitely need practice with the pics- the flash kept whiting them out : ( The markers are from Good to be Girl.

What's this? Could it be matching yarn to finish the languishing Hourglass? Excellent. I have to say that I really didn't think that in this time dye lots mattered anymore- I mean with computers and all...but they do! Oh, is that Hempathy yarn for a little black tank top? Indeed it is.

Will this be a finished object soon????


nanny said...

Pretty stitching. What is that called? I am drawn to the yarn snowpeople..they need some faces.

Wishful Knitting said...

You are so nice Nanny. Thank you for caring : ) It's just a lace pattern. You are funny about the yarn snow people- if ever someone could give them a face, it would be you. We must get a "Z" on that eggplant-colored sweater- hope we can find time!!!!!