Friday, January 04, 2008

Nanny-o's ugly scarf

Just to see how far behind I am in this posting business. This scarf was knitted, washed, dried and mailed to Ohio for a birthday present. (I think it was even on time.)

It has since returned to Italy- smushed in the bottom of a suitcase; been ripped and re-worked into a crocheted scarf.

Here's H being attacked by the stiff and scarey scarf. It was made with large needles, but apparently not large enough to make it a fluid fabric. Everyone who saw it agreed it was ugly, including it's recipient- my mom. Luckily, she was honest and told me about it, and it was re-worked. Apparently it had a destiny in crochet.

Yep, this is a poor photograph, but it was all I had of the scarf in it's new form. It was around my mom's neck the entire time- not only because it's very cold in this old concrete house, but I think because she really likes it!

I'll tell you what, it was lumpy and irregular knitted up and it was wonderful and fluid in the crocheted version.
May we all find our yarn destiny in 2008! Happy New year!


Shauna said...

I really like these pics of the Count! Sooo cute! I too love the new and improved scarfy scarfy!!

PS Kitty is asking about her won ton toys and egg roll!!! We forgot!!

amanda said...

Happy New year! Hope you do some fulfulling knitting in 08!

nanny said...

Nannio is happy, the scarf is happy and the knitter/crocheter can be very happy with the lovely gift, truly made with love. It is warm, beautiful and just right. Thank you for your efforts.