Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Chloë

Here are some kitty toys I made to celebrate/commemorate Chloë's (my sister's cat) 18th birthday. Eighteen years and still just as ornery : )
I guess catnip works on 4-year old children as well?

A couple of the new S'n'B knitters asked about these. The pattern is Feline Dim Sum. I think it would be suitable for a beginner if you want to give it a try. These were made out of some leftover Encore Worsted and knit to a tight gauge so the catnip wouldn't all fall out.


Shauna said...

Herrooooo! Merrrrow! Won Ton Fu!!
I love my new kitty (Bitty?!) toyz!! They look so tasty, I eat them up! Or I bite your arm or your ankles/feet instead!! Mmm....eatsum dim sum kitty sum!!

mimi and papa said...

Those are so cute! Any kitty would love to have his or her own to savor. Your model is as adorable as ever! Love, Mimi