Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To warm the head of a dear friend....

This is the Odessa Hat.

It was made with my love and positive energy in every stitch to help Sandy fight cancer.

Ironically, she is a hairstylist and has spent her life helping people have beautiful hair. I think about her a lot. It seems I have a "scent memory" connected with her name. She always smells like Aveda products. Every day when I wash my hair, I think of her and hope she is having a good day.
The hat was made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, one skein. I didn't swatch, because I didn't want to - besides, I am not even sure how to count in a pattern like this. I figured with this style, it would fit most. It was a quick, fun knit. I left the beads off- I thought they might be too lumpy on a sensitive scalp.
I have no idea why Miss H has the long face, I think she was channeling her inner beatnik.
Oh look, here's her inner beatnik now.


amanda said...

very nice! I'm sure your friend Sandy will really appreciate it. Hope she is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome hat! Awesome knitting!Truly a great design. I know Miss Sandy is loving it. She is fighting hard and appreciates all the love the hat brought. She wears it every day and it is her favorite. Keep the projects coming.

Shauna said...

I love this hat and love my little neices!! Suuper cuuute! I'm glad Sandy received it and is enjoying it...you know I have a scent memory too, of my French friend Jeanne. That summer at Miniwanca, I used this bonne bell blue shower gel, and the smell always reminds me of her and that summer! :)

mimi and papa said...

Happy to see the completed work being modeled by my favorite granddaughters! I always admired this project because of the fine work you do and the "heart" that you invested out of love and care for your friend Sandy. Wonderful!
Love, Mimi