Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Ever S'n'B Aviano

Introducing the first-ever (that I know of : ) S'n'B Aviano.

When I got here a year ago, I was saddened to find there was no established I am trying to start our own. Last week was the first meeting and it was really fun. I am teaching a couple of new knitters, and I am sure before long, they will be teaching me a thing or two! See you tomorrow.

P.S. Anne's mom- Look she's knitting : )


Shauna said...

You look marvelous! And the knitters look like they're having fun! Awesome of you to start your on S'n'B!! Love it!

amanda said...

congrats on starting your own group! i'm sure you're inspiring all those knitters :)

nanny said...

Yeah for the new group. It'll be wonderful to have the support and comaraderie of a group. Time flies when you are knitting fun. Knit on LADIES!

mimi and papa said...

Looks like so much fun. Are you getting any more time to work on your projects? (hee hee) Great to share your knitting "know-how" and enthusiasm for the art with others who look eager to learn.
Love, Mimi