Thursday, March 11, 2010

Slouching toward the weekend......

I thought a nice slouchy hat would be a good addition to my winter hat collection, so I set off to find one that I had seen from Knit and Tonic. Unable to locate the pattern, I found one that was a copycat version. The first hat I knit wasn't slouchy....I figured it was the faux cables that were causing the problem. In my quest for the slouch effect, I frogged it and re-knit it with larger needles. Well, the result was roughly the same : P

It fits, just not with envisioned slouch effect. But, alas, I am not interested in knitting it again. Oh's still a usable hat- and the faux cables were very fun! I am happy to have added that technique to my repertoire.

Pattern: Slouchy Copy Cat Hat (Ravelry link- if you haven't already, JOIN!)
Yarn: Berrocco Comfort Worsted- this is a great yarn! I really like it and it's machine washable- I think Berrocco has some cute patterns out too.

The faux cables are actually well-placed decreases followed by an increase- a nice little technique!


nanny said...

Nice hat...whether slouched or not. Nice color!

Shauna said...

it looks like it's slouching in the back! just not maybe as severe a slouch as you'd like! i like it!!