Monday, November 13, 2006

Loose ends to weave, tie up

So, here I am not getting things done. No, I was productive today, and here I am whittling away precious time doing this. Oh well. I can likely justify this as needing "a break." The children woke up in their crabby pants this morning, which didn't really make for the most fun day. I have ends to weave in and ends to tie up before the big move! (it is becoming ever more and more a reality!)

I am still struggling with the neck for the flashdance-esque Hourglass, and should be done with it by bed time tonight. No comments on what time that might be. I ran out of stitches in the decrease raglan sections but it was still too wide, so I came up with a center decrease of some kind. I think it looks okay, but we'll see after it gets washed and re-dried- all before weaving in the ends, of course.

And then there's this, which I think is cute- it will be a kitty (Kate to be exact), but this is as far as I have gotten....I think I will try and get finish her for elder elf's birthday Sunday.

Her body shape reminds me quite a bit like the summer sew-fest Juney and I had....

Pattern thanks to Wee Wonderfuls.

Nanny Juney, I provide you with your fix : ) Thanks for the comments... Oh, and elder elf's pants came today.....CUTE!


nanny said...

This the BEST! I love this picture. Nanny

Anonymous said...

you are great
I love you nanny