Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Praise to the Swatching Gods

I know, these are TERRIBLE pics, but I thought they were better than none-there's one more at the end. Maybe not. Hey, since it's just me reading this, and I want a memory of the 2 am photo shoot, I am posting them! Yeah, in the mirror, not pretty.

About the Aurora 8. So, while I was knitting, it was SUPER tight. I gave it a quick bath and it fits great! I am amazed and have a renewed faith in the whole swatch thing. Usually, I don't wash the swatch first, but I will start. Here are some terrible pics- hubby was sleeping as it was 2 am when I got done. I wanted before and after pics. I got the before, but not the after. I tried the sweater on several times while it was damp and it looks to be just fine. Amazing. I also read on another blog that someone else had the same experience with this yarn. That made me feel a little better too. The only thing is that the neckline has stretched out a ton. It's way too flashdance for me, so I will reknit it and add another 2 inches. I don't know if I should wash the ball of yarn first or just wash the whole thing when I am done. I don't see that it makes too much difference. The drawback is that I don't have any more yarn. I used every last scrap. My sister will pick some up in Seattle and I will get it this weekend. What a relief. I am now wondering, just a little, if the fabric will be too thin at this new gauge. Maybe I just got used to the really tight fabric. We'll see when the sweater is fully
dry. There's no re-knitting of this one in my future : )

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