Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mini sweater....

It's so fun to knit for pets because:
1.) it's a fast knit
2.) the victim always looks so cute in their sweater : )
This sweater is for Jake, a little puppy we babysat for 3 weeks.

This is Jake not sitting in his new sweater.
I made up the pattern by doing the math. It was a quick knit- mostly because he weighs 6 pounds.

The yarn is leftover Encore Bulky from a baby bunting- I used this pattern as a prototype for one for Fonzie.

This is Jake still not sitting.

This is Jake sitting in his new sweater : )


nanny said...

You are so good at this knitting stuff. Wow, Jake besides being an adoreable critter, looks smashing and dashing in his new duds. And where is the Fonz's outfit? Southstreet Seaport Knit Shop in NYC is having a sale next week and I'll be there to check it out. Will forward any news on the shop. And how is my scarf coming along? Did I say that?

Wishful Knitting said...

It's always so nice to hear from you : ) I haven't gotten the pics of Fonz in his new duds, but will soon. Yum on the yarn shop- keep me in mind at all times : ) Ahh yes, the scarf....

Shauna said...

Look at that little doggie in his sweater!! Sooo cute!! I want to eat him up!!

Anonymous said...

Jake is very photogenic and a handsome model of your handiwork! He must pine for you, missing all the attention and tailormade garments. Has he written a thank you note?
The photos are really cute--you must consider publishing at some point.
Love, Mimi