Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hats off to the holidays!

This year the holday knitting was nothing but fun. I have read in the blog-o-sphere about many bloggers getting overwhelmed trying to make gifites. I have done that before, but not this year! I was so excited about making these for the girls (and nephew), I knit them up super fast.

In my enthusiasm, I bought 10 balls of yarn- a green, red, white and metallic blend- a little tacky, abut a lot festive! Normally, the colors would have conjured up holiday thoughts, but I couldn't stop thinking that the colors were the same for the Italian flag! I also think the Italians would love the flashy metallic bits!
However, after the knitting got under way, it was pretty boring! Worse yet, the girls weren't super-thrilled with their new hats! I think they would have liked the striping called for in the original pattern- oh well, there's always next year. I was able to sweet talk them into donning their elf hats a few times........

Overall, it was a nice holiday project. Next time, I will consult the girls first

This little fellow seems happy with his- super cute!

Project details:
Pattern: Striped Stocking Caps
Yarn: Herrschner's Holiday
Needles: size 7
Sizes: baby and small child- cast on 72
Bigger child- cast on 80


Shauna said...

Ha! Well I loved these hats! Adorable!! I like how long and sparkly they are. I am a HUGE FAN of all things glitter and sparkly! Sam looks cute too--look at his cheeks!!

nanny said...


I can't believe they were cooly received. Go figure.