Thursday, November 08, 2007

(Inspired by) Ms. Marigold

Thank goodness My Man came home to take a picture of me - the self-portraits were AWFUL.

I happily cast on for Ms. Marigold from Zephyr style. I ordered the pattern during the summer, but was newly-inspired by Fancy Pants' version.
I thought I could wear it layered with a long sleeve shirt now that fall has reached Italy. I cast on and took off, using Berroco Touche.

I knit down to the waist area and tried it on.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! The back was too narrow (I know I have to wear something underneath it, but it wasn't even close to covering my bra straps.)

Rather than being the cute vest in my mind, it was like a knitted bustier. I am not that well-endowed, but yet the sides veered toward my arms and off my chest, and it was not pretty.

I decided to try again. This is the first time I altered a pattern so much. I changed the number cast on, changed the increases, added decreases, changed the neckline finishing, altered the ruffle and all the bands. So, what did I get? Something I really like! I am shocked, to say the least, and happy.

I wish I could figure out where I went wrong on the original. I was on gauge. Maybe I just needed a bigger size, but I started with a size that seemed plenty big. Someday I will try again with the original pattern and see what happens.

I am not against ripping. What's the point of making something that I know I won't like or wear? I really do see knitted items as more acceptable ways to store yarn! I know, I have issues.