Friday, June 20, 2008


I made this for my fellow SnBer, Jan. I gifted it to her long ago, but I never put up the pictures. It was, as are most of the amigurumi projects, FUN! It's from the book in the side bar there- Ana Paula's. And it's made with mystery market yarn.
Of course, my eldest daughter wanted to keep this little fellow. But he was created specifically for my friend. I told my daughter I would make her one, as she wants every project I make, but I haven't done so yet. It's on the list, I keep telling her. Good thing she doesn't know how long the list is : ) I think I will make the mini-cactus for her instead. I am currently working on an ice cream cone (for both girls) and after that I think she wants the apple. She's even requesting crocheted items for her stuffed toys. Apparently Bitty, who is my second daughter's lovey, needs an ice cream cone too. It's getting out of hand!

Fear not sister of mine, Odd Fellow is on my mind again, and I do mean the knitted toy.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Knitting without a safety net....

I am certainly no designer. I don't even aspire to "design" anything. I would like, however, to be able to put together a simple sweater/shrug with any yarn for any person. This is my first attempt and so far I think it's going well.
This summer cardigan is actually not for this willing model, but for her sister. (Who is less apt to be bribed most of the time.) I am using white cotton that I picked up at the market. I have chosen to knit it at a tighter gauge than I normally would because I keep thinking the cotton is going to stretch out. Hopefully it won't be like a suit of armor when it's finished!
I am using Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top Down book as my inspiration. So far, so good- I am pleased with it. I finished the sleeves with a very simple yarn-over lace edging- I'll probably use it along the lower edge as well. I think I will single crochet along the front and neck and then use a single button at the top to close it. The weather here has been so weird- hot and then cold even on the same day, that it will likely get a lot of use.

I'd like to try incorporating a simple lace design into a patternless little sweater eventually, but first, baby steps.

Seems I have knitting A.D.D. at the moment. I have 4 projects on the needles, which is a record for me. I thought it would be fun to have multiple projects, but I think I am happier with just a project or 2. That's how I used to knit- one project at a time. Really you can only physically knit one project at a time anyway. I am always looking for some "mindless" knitting, which has led me to this situation. But it seems I get the "mindless" part over so quickly, that I have to find more mindless knitting and then, seemingly suddenly, I have several stalled projects that need lots of attention at once. It's just not working for me. So, I am going to try and finish a few of these projects up. Of course, there's always more yarn calling me.....