Thursday, September 28, 2006

off the needles

I was just discussing with my younger seestor how I feel about journals. We were having a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant, with one of her friends who will be leaving the Emerald City soon, and the topic came up. Clearly a blog is kind of like a journal. The reason I stopped keeping a journal was becuase if you go back and read it, it seems ridiculous- even if you just wrote it. I suppose the point is to just write it out, but still, that's hard to take. I was going to start a new paragraph here, but apparently that's not going to happen- haven't figured that out yet. So, off the needles is the Debbie Bliss silk scarf for said sister. It took two skeins and is over 6 foot long. It was easy to knit. I hope my sis likes it, I am annoyed with the "rolling" of the edges. I know that scarves will do that, but it was very minor in the picture, so I thought it wouldn't be that bad. The recipient claims she likes the rolling. We blocked it out, so that my have improved the rolling, but I haven't asked her yet. Grey's Anatomy is tonight : )

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nanny said...

This is very scary!