Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Again...on time

Could it be that I am turning over a new leaf? (he, he...I think I am too old for turning over leaves that lead to MORE self-discipline, but I could surely go the other way!) This is the quintessential "my mommy knits, so I get a holiday hat." AND she has it for the whole season- on time! We had a great time in the pumpkin patch and the hat actually kept elder elf warm. I don't have the pattern here in front of me, but if anyone needs it (ha! I don't think anyone reads this, so I can continue to be lazy!), just put a note in the comments and I will run upstairs and get it.

Project specs:
Yarn: Debbie Bliss cashmerino
Pattern: Fiber trends, I think...

Here's the tiny elf. She's wearing a make shift hat that I cheated with several years ago. I had alreqady purchased the pattern for the fancier hat, but I was making so many of these for friends' kids, that I needed something quick. After making the nicer one, I don't think it would have taken me much longer, but eh, I didn't know. I kind of modified a pattern I found on line and made it very simply. I am thinking about putting a little seed stitch border on it to get a few more miles out of it. She hates hats for the moment, so I don't feel too bad not making her another. Of course, she did wear this hat for a while....

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