Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just in time

My family is pretty lax about getting birthday gifts to the recipient on time, myself included. I think we take that crazy rule about giving wedding gift to the nth degree. You know the one, where you have a year to do so and still be in proper etiquette- I think you also have a year to write the thank you notes, too? Our gift-giving rule is about the same especially if we live a long distance away.

My older sister was just out to Washington in early September at which time I gave her her birthday gift....mind you her birthday was in May! I suppose one way view is that it extends your birthday for months.

I never realized just how fun it is to be on time with a giftie. The elves and I went to the post office this morning and mailed my mom her Halloween birthday box, which will get there right on time. This little Odd Fellow was in there. I thought I would post a pic of him with legs. I got so used to seeing the elves play with him around the house without limbs, that the appendages looked a bit strange to me.

This little guy is so adorable- it was fun to take pics of him. This is what I do with the little spare time I have???

So, here's one on the dog so you can see how big he is....but Fonz is rather petite for a pug. Still the idea is there.

This one is just because I think he's cute. Of course, this Odd Fellow was originally intended for my sister who lives here in Washington, but it will only take a bit to whip up another one. Project specs: from Jess Hutch's book- see yesterday's post. Yarn: Lamb's Pride worsted, Needles- size 6 dpns.

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