Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I always thought I liked to knit lace. I loved working on the Ripple skirt, but the lace wasn't too intense. The Lotus Blossom tank has been relegated to the frog pond- before my hubby could stop me. (He hates it when I rip out!) I was making it with Hempathy in black, as you can see. I swatched like a good little girl and then started working it on the appropriate needles- size 6, I think. Well, that's how much I had done- (like 1 1/2") after 5 hours of good car knitting. Part of the problem was that I was using the markers to try and stop myself from making too many mistakes, but the pattern kept shifting, so I had to keep moving the markers. (PITA!) I thought it looked a little big, so I pulled it off the needles and it was like 10 inches wider than it was supposed to be at the waist. I guess my lace is tons looser than my stockinette swatches. I am not completely sold on the value of a swatch, to be sure.

I wanted a nice breezy little tank (much like that on Dipsy's blog) and this was/is not it. So, I will set the Hempathy in the stash until further notice.

In the meantime, I have ordered yarn for Sizzle and Ms. Marigold and cast on for a quick little One Skein Wonder to make myself feel better : )

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Dipsy said...

Oh - I'm sorry that this didn't work out! Lace knitting is extremely time consuming, and I realized that I don't have much chance with it when I'm knitting lace in front of the TV - too much distraction, I think it's important to have real peace to concentrate on it. Perhaps you'll find a pattern that doesn't ask for that much concentration, that'd be a bit of a quicker and thus more enjoyable knit? Fingers crossed!