Monday, June 18, 2007

What would I do if I were stranded with crunchy yarn....

I would knit a giant swatch and then practice crochet! When I was considering changing my knitting style to loosen up my gauge, I started making this mammoth swatch out of crunchy acrylic yarn. I am kind of between projects. Well, more that I started a project with which I am not thrilled. So, instead of working on that, I just picked up a crochet hook to add a border and even out the swatch. My elder elf has appropriated it for her dolly.

This pic shows the true size.

I have learned that I mostly know how to crochet- I have been taught several times. I still don't know how to turn around without losing stitches so that the finished project is a square. I don't know how to go around corners well. Crochet is really pretty quick!


Dipsy said...

I tend to add crocheted edges to almost everything I do - it just looks a lot nicer and cleaner I think ;) But like you, I'm not really a crochet-pro, this turning around without losing stitches is something I haven't figured out yet either. And I get nightmares with reading crochet-charts, I never seem to get the idea ;(

amanda said...

Thanks for de-lurking! :) Glad you're getting ready to knit Ms. Marigold. I am almost done - just a few more inches at the bottom.