Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The wonder is not the one skein....

The One Skein Wonder is such a fun little knit. This is my second wonder, in approximately the same blue. The first one was gifted to my MIL as she expressed desire and it was a wee bit tight across the shoulders. I would have worn it anyway, mind you.
Since I never know what to get her, and her b-day is in May which is the same month as Mother's Day, it seemed like a perfect match. (She is consequently very happy with it as it allows her to wear sleeveless clothes to work without breaking the dress code. ) This wonder is being made from 100% cotton from cottage knits.

Like I said, the first one was a bit too small as I was nearly out of yarn. At that time, I was thinking that the wonder part was in the "one skein." After knitting one, I have come to conclude that the wonder part isn't the one skein, but rather the simple, elegant design that produces a lovely, wearable and practical knit! It is well worth it to invest in however many skeins it takes to finish the project in a lovely yarn. I will most likely make several in different colors as it's a fun knit between long projects, or less successful projects. Also, it's a fun way to test drive yarn. So far this yarn is lovely- nice drape, etc.

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