Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Move over Granny....

So, I have mentioned the "c" word before and now I have officially finished a crochet scarf- albeit a while ago. Someohow the post got lost in the din.

Interestingly, My Man, really isn't a fan of this scarf soley because it's crochet. How amusing that in his mind crochet is linked with Grannies! Apparently there are others who share his feelings. (Nanny-O? Mimi-O?) I just can't see it, I really can't. I think crochet is lovely and am exceedingly proud at having taught myself...well, with a lot of help (Happy Hooker).

In the beginning I bought this kit from Lion Brand- oh, about 5 years ago. It could have been more, I am not sure. I started once and gave up. Then I got invited to Ravelry and was taking pics of my stash and I found it. I decided to give it another try. After I got about half of the scarf done, I didn't like the pattern, so I decided to make a variation of one from the aforementioned Happy Hooker book. And now, it looks like this.

I am very happy with it, although the yarn isn't holding up all that well- I think it's Jiffy Yarn or something. There is more crochet in my future!


amanda said...

very nice! I really like the look of crochet scaves...light and airy.

Shauna said...

It's a darling pink scarf! I love it! On cutie pies! Grannies are Cool FOREVER!! You are so creative!

Look at Lil One's hair--so long already!! Shoxoxo

nanny said...

I like crochet....it's not grannyish. You have to help the yarn do what it takes to make itself happy. Remember Nannio's scarf? The yarn was not happy when it was knitted, too uptight. But now that it is crocheted it is very happy, carefree even. So....it is all about the yarn. I think the airy crochet scarf is light and happy. Down with preconceived taboos of the past, crochet or knit is for fun at heart yarn!