Friday, May 02, 2008

Off to the market......

With any new obsession involving yarn, I find it necessary to acquire more. Although Amigurumi is billed as a stash buster, a stash enhancer is so much more fun!
Here are some misc. pictures of the market. I didn't get a shot of the yarn guy's stall because it's in a tight alley. It was impossible with the alley crowded with shoppers.

Just a few skeins in various colors. They were 3 Euro each, I think. I seem to have conveniently forgotten. The yarn is 80% wool and 20% acrilico.

While at the market, a woman approached me and asked for help. She was a fellow Americana. She thought the yarn was silk because of the name "Silke" on the label. An honest mistake, she would only have to touch the yarn to know it's not silk. Anyway, she was looking for something to take to her mom back in the States as a souvenir! How thoughtful! Help spend someone else's yarn budget- heck yeah! I asked her what kind of knitting her mom preferred- she had no idea. She answered simply, "She's always making something." That doesn't really point me in a specific direction. Then I inquired if she liked novelty yarns, or if she makes kids clothes, or housewares. "She makes everything," was her reply. Okay, a nice merino it is : ) We chose a light worsted weight, cream colored merino. I know I would be thrilled to receive that as a gift, and it seemed like a good choice. I hope she liked it!!!

Rumor has it that the man who runs the stall also has a store- about 45 minutes from here. Did someone say "road trip?"


Shauna said...

My oh my, that's neat that you met an Americano and helped her with yarn-o!!
Your blog has grown and look's so cool! I love the new flickr pop out pics box--I see my little blue mug in there! So cool!! :)

nanny said...

Looks like more selection than when I was there. I still regret not getting the black mottled yarn. Oh well I am sure I'll get another chance. My problem is that I'm drawn to yarn that has no plan, but still lures me. I just aquired some ribbony yarn that just looks like a celebration, but as of yet, am not sure what the celebration will be. A road trip sounds like a good idea! Loved the blog entry, seeing familiar places. Very neat!