Thursday, May 08, 2008

Schmoke and a pancake, latte and a cupcake?

Now that the latte is safely on the table of her new owner, it's blogg-able. The patterns are from Ana's book (see side bar)- and the recipient is my ever coffee-lovin', Seattle-livin' sister. Umm, sorry that the cupcake didn't come along for the ride, but there was no prying it out of H's hand!

Most of the faces in the book have wide-set eyes. They look darling, but when I try to duplicate them, it doesn't seem to look as cute. I usually settle for closer-set eyes.

The finishing is a bit labor intensive, more so on the larger critters. I bought felt here in Italy, but it can't be used for my purposes. It's about 1/2" thick! I should have told the store clerk that I didn't want it, but she went upstairs and then returned with 5 bolts of different colors, while I was shopping around. When I went over to the cutting table, she had most of it cut already, so I just bought it. Oh well. Maybe I'll come up with a use for it- doubtful. I found some felt at the craft store on base.

Cheers Sis!


nanny said...

Yummy! They are so cute either with or without wide set eyes. Beautiful eyes are in the EYE of the beholder! Do you think crocheting is an inherited trait? Great job!

Shauna said...

Thanks for the photo of my latte!! I actually think it's my morning joe with a bit o' half and elf!! I love that you made it light black--like I like my java!! We look at each other each morning...mmmm that cupcake does look there a pink one?!?! Glad H is loving it--she deserves a little cupacake--they are little cupa cakes!!

lynda said...

Oh my goodness - even cuter!