Monday, July 07, 2008

Inception of the She-Knit "Homespun" Haters Club

I cannot believe there is a group of crafters on Ravelry- or in existence anywhere- who loves this yarn. I cannot tell you how much I hate it.

It all started very simply. I have started crocheting a little here and there, so I got the notion in my head that I was going to try to crochet a blanket. I can't even remember how I happened upon this pattern. I thought it was just beautiful, I still do.

I was wholly unfamiliar with the Homespun and innocently let the Lionbrand site help me purchase the 2 million skeins I would need to complete this project. The pattern was labeled "Advanced Beginner." With my army of Amigurumi creatures smiling at me, I thought I could handle it. I knew the yarn was synthetic, which is not my favorite, but I knew I wanted something I could easily wash and dry. I honestly can't imagine hand-washing a blanket!

When the package of yarn arrived, I was disappointed. It's "hairy yarn," people. I am not a fan of hairy yarn. It's hairy acrylic yarn. It has these wavy bits in it that remind me of poodle hair. Their coats get wavy. But poodle hair would be better becuase it would be soft and not have that certain "crunchy" element.

With high hopes and hook in hand, I set out. The first trouble came with Row 1. The chain stitches were so hairy I couldn't really see where one started and one ended. I struggled and struggled. Finally I decided to draw a diagram, and color-code the last dozen stitches of each row to help me get started on the next row. Once I got the pattern rolling, I was okay. It was a lot of work.

At long last, I had something to show for my struggle. I proudly spread the few rows out for my hubby to see, and he said, "Oh, it's going to be one of those "holey" blankets." HISSSSSSSssss, I could hear the wind going out of my sails. I was already talking myself into a lot here, and that was all it took. Ugh.

Now I have all this homespun- what to do with it??? I could gift Jan (from SnB) with a dozen shawls from it- she despises the Homespun more than I do : ) I started the search for another pattern. I have given up being able to crochet it- or any blanket, maybe. The other sample is a "waves" wasn't so great either.

I think I am going to try some version of the Ombre blanket in, well, you guessed it, Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It won't be nearly as lovely as the pricey alpaca used in the book, that's for certain. I just don't want to have to stash this stuff- I will have to deal with it sooner or later!

So, I hereby would like to start the She-Knit "Homespun" Haters Club. (Anyone remember the He-Man Woman haters club from Little Rascals?) Okay, Jan, you can be president, and I'll be VP!


Shauna said...

I smell the smell of decoy yarn impostering as this hairy homespun!! What to do!

R. Robyn said...

Cindy, I seem to have found your blog just fine per Jan's instruction. It was nice meeting you today! I just finished two hats with this homespun stuff. My husband actually picked out the yarn when we were at a Michaels in the States. the hats turned out pretty nice, and both my husband and son like the way it feels. I was irritated with the quality of the yarn, being that there is a string running through it keeping it together.

Anyway, check out my blog when you get a chance and I'll see in you in the meantime!