Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stash Enhancement.....

It's been cool here, so this yarn is likely higher up in the Q. I am planning on making this sweater Knitting Pure and Simple #241. (It's a long-sleeved cardigan, but with cotton, it should be great for cooler summer evenings. I am not crazy about the color of the yarn....I wanted something neutral but this has a "pinkish" quality I could not notice on the computer screen. It will be nice when I have a local yarn shop again.

I am going to try Sizzle again... I love this yarn.

And now, in order to satisfy my one faithful reader, my sister...here's #2 in her finished (almost, still haven't put a closure on it) cardi.


Shauna said...

he he! look at that cardi! you R quite kraftee! super cutie! love it! missing y'all...wanna get out there!!!
ro ro xoxox

nanny said...

A beautiful little girl and sweater as well!

Love it!